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For general safety protocols, visit COVID-19 Safety Measures on this website. Also, consult the COVID-19 Operating Plan for the Harris County Judiciary: District Courts, County Courts at Law & Probate Courts currently on file with the Office of Court Administration. For a specific court’s procedures, consult that court’s website or contact that court’s clerk.

You may also want to review the frequently asked questions under I Am A Lawyer. There you will find answers to questions submitted by members of the bar regarding jury call, voir dire, and jury trials in times of COVID-19.

Will I be required to wear a face covering?

Yes, you will be required to wear a face covering at the courthouse, even if you are only coming to file documents.


What happens if I show up without a face covering?

A face covering will be provided to you if it is available.


What happens if there is no available face covering or I refuse to wear one?

You will not be allowed into the building.


What if I am sick?

All persons are screened at the front doors. If you are sick, you will not be allowed in.


If I cannot get in, what happens to my court date?

That is up to your individual judge. You should immediately contact the court’s staff if you cannot get into the building or become sick in an attempt to re-schedule. It is your responsibility to inform the court as soon as possible of your situation to avoid the court from moving forward without you.


Will my witnesses have to wear a face covering?

Yes, all persons entering the courthouse will need to wear a face covering.


My court said my hearing is by Zoom. How do I find that hearing?

You will need to contact your specific court. The hearing site might be listed on their website, or the court may email it to you.


I do not have internet at my home, how do I participate by Zoom?

Zoom has an “app” and if you have access to the internet on your phone, you can use your phone. Also, some courts allow individuals to call in. Check with your court.


I have documents to give the judge. How does the judge get my documents?

Contact the court BEFORE your hearing to find out how the judge wants to handle documents.