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Jury Summons/NRG Arena

If you have questions or concerns regarding your Jury Summons or NRG Arena, email [email protected] or call (713) 755-6392.

Jury Service/State and County Courts

If selected as a juror and you have questions or concerns regarding jury service for your particular court, call the court’s mainline number.


Civil District Courts

201 Caroline Street, Houston, Texas 77002

CourtJudgeLocationPhone Number
11thThe Honorable Kristen Brauchle Hawkins9th Floor(832)-927-2600
55thThe Honorable Latosha Lewis Payne9th Floor(832)-927-2650
61stThe Honorable Fredericka Phillips9th Floor(832)-927-2625
80thThe Honorable Jeralynn Manor9th Floor(832)-927-2680
113thThe Honorable Rabeea Sultan Collier10th Floor(832)-927-2575
125thThe Honorable Kyle Carter10th Floor(832)-927-2550
127thThe Honorable R. K. Sandill10th Floor(832)-927-2525
129thThe Honorable Michael Gomez10th Floor(832)-927-2500
133rdThe Honorable Jaclanel McFarland11th Floor(832)-927-2480
151stThe Honorable Mike Engelhart11th Floor(832)-927-2455
152stThe Honorable Robert Schaffer11th Floor(832)-927-2425
157thThe Honorable Tanya Garrison11th Floor(832)-927-2400
164thThe Honorable Cheryl Elliott Thornton12th Floor(832)-927-2380
165thThe Honorable Ursula Hall12th Floor(832)-927-2365
189thThe Honorable Scot “dolli” Dollinger12th Floor(832)-927-2325
190thThe Honorable Beau A. Miller12th Floor(832)-927-2300
215thThe Honorable Elaine H. Palmer13th Floor(832)-927-2215
234thThe Honorable Lauren Reeder13th Floor(832)-927-2234
269thThe Honorable Cory Don Sepolio13th Floor(832)-927-2269
270thThe Honorable Dedra Davis13th Floor(832)-927-2270
281stThe Honorable Christine Weems14th Floor(832)-927-2130
295thThe Honorable Donna Roth14th Floor(832)-927-1375
333rdThe Honorable Brittanye Morris14th Floor(832)-927-1800
334thThe Honorable Dawn Rogers14th Floor(832)-927-1825

Criminal District Courts

1201 Franklin Street, Houston, Texas 77002

CourtJudgeLocationPhone Number
74thThe Honorable Hazel B. Jones19th Floor(832)-927-4200
176thThe Honorable Nikita V. Harmon19th Floor(832)-927-4225
177thThe Honorable Robert Johnson19th Floor(832)-927-4250
178thThe Honorable Kelli Johnson19th Floor(832)-927-4275
179thThe Honorable Ana Martinez18th Floor(832)-927-4100
180thThe Honorable DaSean Jones18th Floor(832)-927-4125
182ndThe Honorable Danilo Lacayo18th Floor(832)-927-4150
183rdThe Honorable Chuck Silverman18th Floor(832)-927-4175
184thThe Honorable Abigail Anastasio17th Floor(832)-927-3900
185thThe Honorable Jason Luong17th Floor(832)-927-3925
208thThe Honorable Greg Glass17th Floor(832)-927-3950
209thThe Honorable Brian E. Warren17th Floor(832)-927-3975
228thThe Honorable Frank Aguilar16th Floor(832)-927-3800
230thThe Honorable Chris Morton16th Floor(832)-927-3825
232ndThe Honorable Josh Hill16th Floor(832)-927-3850
248thThe Honorable Hilary Unger16th Floor(832)-927-3875
262ndThe Honorable Lori Chambers Gray15th Floor(832)-927-3700
263rdThe Honorable Amy Martin15th Floor(832)-927-3725
337thThe Honorable Colleen Gaido15th Floor(832)-927-3750
338thThe Honorable Romana Franklin15th Floor(832)-927-3775
339thThe Honorable Te’iva J. Bell14th Floor(832)-927-3650
351stThe Honorable Natalia “Nata” Cornelio14th Floor(832)-927-3675

Family District Courts

201 Caroline Street, Houston, Texas 77002

CourtJudgeLocationPhone Number
245thThe Honorable Tristan H. Longino15th Floor(713)-274-1245
246thThe Honorable Angela Graves-Harrington16th Floor(713)-274-4500
247thThe Honorable Janice Berg15th Floor(713)-274-1247
257thThe Honorable Sandra Peake16th Floor(713)-274-4560
280thThe Honorable Barbara J. Stalder1200 Congress St. 7th Floor(713)-274-4680
308thThe Honorable Gloria Lopez8th Floor(713)-274-4600
309thThe Honorable Linda Marie Dunson16th Floor(713)-274-4520
310thThe Honorable Sonya Heath15th Floor(713)-274-1310
311thThe Honorable Germaine Tanner8th Floor(713)-274-4580
312thThe Honorable Clinton E. Wells, Jr.16th Floor(713)-274-4540
507thThe Honorable Julia Maldonado15th Floor(713)-274-4620

Juvenile District Courts

1200 Congress Street, Houston, Texas 77002

CourtJudgeLocationPhone Number
313thThe Honorable Natalia Oakes5th Floor(832)-927-8450
314thThe Honorable Michelle Moore5th Floor(832)-927-8470
315thThe Honorable Leah Shapiro7th Floor(832)-927-8480

Harris County Criminal Courts at Law

1201 Franklin Street, Houston, Texas 77002

CourtJudgeLocationPhone Number
1stThe Honorable Alex Salgado8th Floor(832)-927-3100
2ndThe Honorable Ronnisha Bowman8th Floor(832)-927-3125
3rdThe Honorable Erica Hughes8th Floor(832)-927-3150
4thThe Honorable Shannon Baldwin8th Floor(832)-927-3175
5thThe Honorable David M. Fleischer9th Floor(832)-927-3200
6thThe Honorable Kelley Andrews9th Floor(832)-927-3225
7thThe Honorable Andrew A. Wright9th Floor(832)-927-3250
8thThe Honorable Franklin Bynum9th Floor(832)-927-3288
9thThe Honorable Toria J. Finch10th Floor(832)-927-3300
10thThe Honorable Lee Harper Wilson10th Floor(832)-927-3325
11thThe Honorable Sedrick T. Walker, II10th Floor(832)-927-3350
12thThe Honorable Genesis E. Draper10th Floor(832)-927-3375
13thThe Honorable Raul Rodriguez11th Floor(832)-927-3400
14thThe Honorable David L. Singer11th Floor(832)-927-3425
15thThe Honorable Tonya Jones11th Floor(832)-927-3450
16thThe Honorable Darrell Jordan11th Floor(832)-927-3475

Harris County Civil Courts at Law

201 Caroline Street, Houston, Texas 77002

1stThe Honorable George Barnstone5th Floor(713)-368-6610
2ndThe Honorable Jim F. Kovach5th Floor(713)-274-1349
3rdThe Honorable LaShawn A. Williams5th Floor(713)-274-1353
4thThe Honorable Lesley Briones5th Floor(713)-274-1358

Harris County Probate Courts

201 Caroline Street, Houston, Texas 77002

CourtJudgeLocationPhone Number
No. 1The Honorable Jerry Simoneaux6th Floor(832)-927-1401
No. 2The Honorable Michael Newman6th Floor(832)-927-1402
No. 3The Honorable Jason Cox7th Floor(832)-927-1403
No. 4The Honorable James Horwitz7th Floor(832)-927-1404